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Knowledge of the Elements at One Useful Site.

This is a great site specially for any conversation or presentation of the elements. Its quick resource for any information that you might need to know about the elements. I also use with my projector on the white board. Includes some of the following topics: Element symbol, name, atomic number, atomic mass, properties, orbitals, isotopes, compounds, spectrum info, pronunciation, videos, photographs, and many more things that I have not used.
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A one stop site for finding information, photos and videos on each of the elements on the periodic table.

I would use this product with my students. It is easy to use and provides a great deal of information about each of the elements.
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Awesome way to learn about the periodic table! Loads of info! Free!

This is a great resource for teachers and learners. It offers a massive collection of information and it is easy to navigate.
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Facts, videos, and visuals of the elements with just one click!

It is the best online periodic table I have found. Besides the traditional information such as atomic mass and electron configurations,students can click on an element and be taken to Wikipedia to find information or do research. They can click on a video and find out more such as the reactivity of an element or how it is being used in research today. should be part of every student's resources.
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Great Site, Easily accessible and a super effective aide.

I use this site any time I need a periodic table. It's a great aide for class work. It is also a great resources for the students as it has features where you can over over a word like metals, nonmetals, etc. and it will identify the elements on the table that meet that definition!
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