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Free icons for every noun!!

I wouldn't use this website to teach a topic, but I would use it to practice a concept. It has symbols all in one place and they are free. You could also pay and create more favorite folders, but I do not mind doing a little searching. I wouldn't mind if they created some colorful ones as well, but symbols usually are black and white.
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Visual connector for students allowing individuals or groups to collect icons which have meaning in a course of study

My students engage with these icons and use them regularly for study and media creation. They can be used for review and easy icons on a worked wall for advanced and simple vocabulary. Because many of them are recognized by students they can be used for vocabulary reminders and as reminders in language instruction for ELL students. It is easy to use. I would like to have more icons available but they are slowly being added. I also find it frustrating that some of the icons need a premium account to access and this is sometimes difficult with kiddos.It will take a bit of time to learn how to use to be able to teach to students.
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