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A Creative Way to Present Inforamtion and Statistics

There are definitely pros and cons of this site. Pros- The kids really like using this site. It is free and offers a lot of options under the free access. This websites automatically saves the students work. You can create a class login and multiple students can be on the site at the same time. This is a really interesting engage way to get the kids involved with presentations and evidence based information. There are tutorial videos for how to get started and different functions that are available. Cons- There is a small amount of space for downloaded pictures that the students use. While there are tutorials with directions, there are no directions on the website to remind the kids how to work with a tool. The website takes a little bit of time to get used to so there needs to be some time built in for student questions. While any kids will be able to use this site it is not as easy to use right off the bat and may make some of the students who need a little extra help feel frustrated. I have smaller classes so this is not really a problem, but I can see how it would be a concern in a larger class.
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Such a great Tool!

I really do like this! I introduced the class to infographics previously - and now they get to create ones simualr to what they have found on the internet.
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