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Interactive Game-Like Learning

As with any other program, Math Chimp comes with its own set of improvements needed. Although the program is organized in a sequential, easy to follow manner, a negative attribute would include its lack of variety within each Common Core. Overall, each Common Core only includes about two or three games, which can result in the student losing interest rather quickly. The program overall includes many disciplines to choose from, but not as many options within each specific skill. Overall, I believe this program has more than enough positives to create a helpful aid to each teacher user.
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Great potential, fantastic looking, needs to get better, but can still be useful.

This is a great looking website that attempts to be a one stop shop for games, videos, worksheets and more for grades 1-8. It is aligned to the common core standards, which is nice, but still needs a lot of work. At first glance, I got real excited at the setup and thought it would be a fantastic website. Once you start clicking on the links, you find that it is not always the case. I found that a good number of the video links were either empty or the link was broken. The excitement was quickly replaced with sadness. While this website can be a good starting point, you will still have some work to do to find exactly what you are looking for and to see if the resource you found is any good. There are places for ratings but I have not seen any done yet. The website is still set up nice and has the potential to be a great place to easily find games, videos, and worksheets classified by grade, common core topics, and broken down further into each individual standard. I suggest checking it out and bookmarking it to come back to occasionally to see if it has improved. I am hoping that it does.
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