Interactive Game-Like Learning

Submitted 5 years ago
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As with any other program, Math Chimp comes with its own set of improvements needed. Although the program is organized in a sequential, easy to follow manner, a negative attribute would include its lack of variety within each Common Core. Overall, each Common Core only includes about two or three games, which can result in the student losing interest rather quickly. The program overall includes many disciplines to choose from, but not as many options within each specific skill.

Overall, I believe this program has more than enough positives to create a helpful aid to each teacher user.

How I Use It

Math Chimp is a very user-friendly program, with games categorized by grade level, allowing the user to easily navigate through the page. Within each age group, a discipline subgroup is included along with Common Core categories within each subject. The user may simply hover their cursor over a category to preview the skill before selecting. A helpful attribute about this app is the ability to track a student’s progress along with weaknesses. The system will take this information and provide the teacher with a “unique action plan for each learner”. By simulating the appearance of a game, by including bright colors and interactive components, the student can be actively engaged while learning or refreshing skills. The program is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, along with functionality.