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Interesting set up, easy to use and navigate, something for everyone!

It is less useful as a teaching tool and more useful as a way to allow students to connect more with the material and how they can relate their interests to the lessons they are learning. It helps keep the students engaged and interested in the subject.
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Excited to try this with my kiddos!

I like that there are lesson plans and that everything is linked online.
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Great real world examples.

Get the Math does a good job of demonstrating how math can be used in a variety of industries and gives students interesting problems. Sometimes the math seems forced to the students, because in a real world situation you could approach the problem with trial and error.
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Awesome real world mathematical application!

Even though I have not implemented this into my classroom yet, I had a great experience running through each challenge on my own time. When first getting onto the website, there is an introduction video that will catch the students attention. After watching the intro, the students will choose which professional pathway best suits them. I really like the six different professions they offer. I feel that at least one will relate to each student. Each profession gives an introduction video, then takes the students through a step by step challenge, and ends the challenge by showing the students their solution. Another awesome thing is that this website allows the students to solve the challenge their own way; it does not restrict them to only one path to the solution.
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Great way to use applications in the classroom!

I would definitely recommend this, especially for kids who struggle seeing the applications of math in the real world.
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Real-world videos and activities for easy student engagement and comprehension

This is a great teaching tool for students looking for extension problems or word problem comprehension. They can be completed in small groups, individually or as a class. Teachers would have to monitor students to collect any data on individual student understanding. The tasks are only differentiated in that there is an extension activity after the initial activity. For ELL/SPED students these activities are word heavy and may require some differentiation in terms of the language used, especially in the hints. For students who are looking for real world applications of the content they are learning, Get the Math is a great tool for tying in or introducing concepts and coming back to them later as more conceptual understanding has taken place.
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Math videos that explain concepts, engage students, however you must read English to use it.

I really like the Engagement of this tool, including the Diverse presenters/actors. The creators of this tool should have Language Options on their Home Page so that the kids can at least Search the (English) videos in other languages. Really, they should also have the videos translated in other languages, especially Spanish and Mandarin.
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Great connections to math in the real world!

Overall I love this site!!! It offers various connections between jobs and the math they use. I think the kids will really enjoy this site and will answer the age old question "why do I have to learn this because I'm never going to use it." I like how each section has a video and outlines the lesson for teachers and even provides discussion questions. Each lesson has an introduction, activity and wrap-up. It also connects with topics the kids will enjoy....sports, video games, fashion, etc. I can't wait to share this with other staff and incorporate it into our curriculum.
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So often we try to teach students concepts but we fail to give them a reason to learn it. This website offers the "why" in addition to our "how." Good quality videos. Unfortunately there is no download feature but you can create links to these videos on websites and in My Big Campus bundles.
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