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As an educator who uses primary sources on a daily basis this tool was very helpful.

I really enjoy this tool. I feel like it is easy for me to navigate but also that my students understood how to search for primary sources. I really like that you can browse for individual things but also browse by topic. Very helpful and convenient!
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DPLA allows students the ability to quickly research topics and issues. It piques students' interest in furthering their knowledge!

DPLA is an invaluable resource for teachers who want to help students become self-directed learners. It allows students to access pertinent information quickly and easily.
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An amazing tool to delve into the past in a more digitally relevant way

The Digital Public Library of America is really a great tool for social science teachers looking to make their content and research projects more appropriate for a technologically driven 21st century. It's free and can be used to really delve into many time periods without having to just focus on a textbook or oral stories. Obviously, it can't go too far into the past because of digital restrictions in the early 1800s and before, but this is a great tool for teachers who want to teach about primary sources.
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Great place to find images to set the stage for a novel

This is a great place to look for resources to help students understand the context of fiction. Students can find images and texts that will give them historical perspective as well as help them imagine the time period during which the text was published and /or set.
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