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Engaging strategy game that encourages mathematics practice

The product was engaging, and students thoroughly enjoyed their time working with it. It was obvious as you looked that the product was allowing students to work at their ability level and adjusted when students demonstrated that they had mastered the content. An addition that would be beneficial is more of an instructional technique when students repeatedly missed the same type of problem, as this prohibited them from moving forward in the game and could become a source of frustration. Embedded into the game are some basic strategy and logic applications that aid students in progressing through the game. Overall, however, this product demonstrated to be a valid resource for students to bolster their skills and practice their mathematics in an engaging platform.
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this is a fun sight

It worked well
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Awesome for those that don't like math

While I don't teach elementary math, I do have this app for my daughter who is going into first grade, has some special needs, and HATES math. However, she LOVES this app. She plays it without being asked to, and asks to be able to play it! What better recommendation can you get than from a 6 year old who hates math but loves this app? The concept is simple. You have to work your way through a series of houses trying to rescue baby fireflies that have been trapped in jars. In each room you can pick up numbers and in order to move to the next room you have to solve a problem using your number bank. In later rooms you may not be given the numbers in the actual room, but be required to use numbers that you had picked up earlier.
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