Engaging strategy game that encourages mathematics practice

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

The product was engaging, and students thoroughly enjoyed their time working with it. It was obvious as you looked that the product was allowing students to work at their ability level and adjusted when students demonstrated that they had mastered the content. An addition that would be beneficial is more of an instructional technique when students repeatedly missed the same type of problem, as this prohibited them from moving forward in the game and could become a source of frustration. Embedded into the game are some basic strategy and logic applications that aid students in progressing through the game. Overall, however, this product demonstrated to be a valid resource for students to bolster their skills and practice their mathematics in an engaging platform.

How I Use It

A group of 1st and 2nd grade students worked on their math skills using this app in a small group setting. This product was easy to use, and students had no problem with the initial set up of their accounts. Students demonstrated engagement during the time of play, as evidenced by their consistent progress throughout the game and their desire to keep playing when their time was up. Students thoroughly enjoyed the "Mystery Town" game-like platform that was infused in the mathematics practice.