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Ah ha moments: Oh, that is where that country is located!

I like this app as a tool for developing surface knowledge. It is not great for digging deeper, but it allows the students to gain some general knowledge upfront allowing the teacher for focus on more important content. I have found that all of my students enjoy the graphics, the music, and speed of the game play. I give it high marks on engagement, but just middle of the road for pedagogy and true learning extensions.
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Game Aspect Overshadows the Learning Piece.

I think this is for much younger kids. I supposed the game aspect of it forces you to look at its physical size and shape, but I don't see that it adds anything to the learning experience.
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A great tool for students to learn world geography without realizing they're learning!

I started using this program, after previously using Stack the States, when I taught U.S. geography. Now that I teach world geography, I thought this would be a nice transition over to the country version. Students always get excited when I hook up my iPad to the projector and we play a round of Stack the Countries. It is one of those apps where students don't even realize they are learning as they play the game. It also motivates students to get the app for themselves and get better at their geography skills. It is a nice supplement to learning.
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Fun Game to learn the Countries!!!

I would recommend this app for both teachers and parents. It offers an interactive aspect and is paired with outstanding graphics which keeps the students interested and excited about learning. The questions are challenging and informative. It’s a great learning tool for students from upper elementary on up. One thing that may be an issue is that questions are repeated from time to time. As an educator I look at this as the repetition needed to reinforce learning/concepts.
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Good App to help learn about the countries around the world!

This app is very basic and straight forward. There isn't much variation to the format and they don't offer any audio so students who struggle with reading would not do well using this on their own. I would use this in a group activity if I had any special education students or students who struggle with reading. It would be better if it offered audio so the students would get both the audio and visual aspect to help with the learning process.
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Can be used for kids or teenagers!

This app is really good for individual learning. It looks and seems kind of elementary, but I honestly think it is good for all levels as a refresher. I believe that most of our high school students do not know a lot of this information and should be refreshed on it. Would be really great to use in a World Geography class!
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Engaging and addictive game that helps students with their world map skills

Overall, this is a great tool students can use to learn about basic facts (capital, language, location) about various countries in the world. It held individual student attention, but is limited in this sense that it is not a creation app. However, it keeps record of student progress and performance, so that is a very nice, individualized, feature. Helped students explore and invigorate an otherwise dull task of learning capitals/languages/locations of countries.
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