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Simplistic and Basic

Maggie's Earth Adventures are very basic, yet interesting games and activities that reinforce elementary concepts and would work exceptional well with exceptional needs learners who need simplistic information presented to them. Some items are times and might cause students to rush and/or commit unintentional errors. Limited selection of items, however, items are exceptionally clear and grade appropriate for readers. Activities are relatively short, but immediate feedback keeps students engaged.
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Common grammar, math, and science activities in English and Spanish

The website offers grammar, basic math, and a science activity. There are also Spanish versions of many of the activities - like grammar edits and basic math. The science activity has you label a drawing of a flower, the earths core, the atmosphere layers, anatomy of a fish, etc with drag-and-drop phrases. The math options are adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. The games practice discrete skills. There are clear directions at the beginning of the activity; however, the directions are written in more complex terms than the skills practiced in the game. There is minor differenciation for students with different skill levels: there are two levels for students to choose from.
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