Simplistic and Basic

Submitted 10 years ago
Gloria  E.
Gloria E.
Associate Professor
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My Take

Maggie's Earth Adventures are very basic, yet interesting games and activities that reinforce elementary concepts and would work exceptional well with exceptional needs learners who need simplistic information presented to them. Some items are times and might cause students to rush and/or commit unintentional errors. Limited selection of items, however, items are exceptionally clear and grade appropriate for readers. Activities are relatively short, but immediate feedback keeps students engaged.

How I Use It

I've added this item to my current collect of websites that provide immediate reinforcement and feedback for math, science, and language arts concepts; and also as repetitive practice for slower learners. Because no single activity or game is time consuming, any of them could be integrated within a single class period without dominating all of the class time. I like the way the games and activities maximize the multiple intelligences and motivate younger learners to participate.