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Grammar Girl is a witty way to get the down and dirty grammar tips our students need.

Grammar Girl has many unique topics that are relevant to students' lives. For example, Grammar Girl had an article about whether or not it was OK to use abbreviations and when they are appropriate. I like how Grammar Girl's topics are relevant to what students most commonly confuse or need help distinguishing. However, since the age range is 9th-12th grade, I did try and use it with younger students (middle school), and at times, I felt that it may be a little dry for some of the kids to fully be engaged. Besides the Grammar Girl audio and articles on the site, I did not see any other resources to further a class discussion or teaching of topic (but I could be overlooking something, too).
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Very user friendly

Great for getting students engaged in boring grammar review.
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Fun and easy to use

I teach special ed kids and it is easy for them to navigate this site.
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Very easy to navigate!

I love grammar girl! Fun ways to remember confusing grammar rules and the kids love it!
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a little slow, but great concept

Love the concept, but the website is slow. Still like the idea of one stop shopping for grammar questions.
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An easy-to-read guide to grammar!

This site has helpful topics that you can copy and add to any class handout and materials. The conversational narrative style is interesting for students.
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For quick and dirty tips that are always interesting and relevant, check out Grammar Girl!

Grammar Girl is quirky and fun, and my students love listening to her lessons on grammar (much more than they like my own!). She gives enough information that the students can build schema and have some context for WHY a particular rule is what it is. The examples she uses are accessible and often quite funny.
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Straightforward grammar advice with a touch of style

This grammar blog offers specific advice on grammar questions you didn't even know you had. Detailed advice in plain language demystifies grammar issues and helps with those niggling little questions that aren't easily found ion Strunk & White
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Great tool for grammar "mini-lessons" to address specific issues in student writing.

The Grammar Girl site is a great resource when you want to address an issue in the context of student writing through a mini-lesson.
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