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Egg Timer is a great way to have child transition from one activity to another. Especially for children with disabilities who struggle with change. I use it in my classroom everyday and the children really enjoyed using it.

I really like this tool. My students really liked seeing exactly how much time they had between activities. It also has a buzzer that would sound off alerting my students it is time to change activities.
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Easy to use and a great visual for my kids on the spectrum.

I love this app. It replaces my analog time timer and it does even more! I use this time almost daily -- for all kinds of kids in my special ed classroom, but it is a great support for my students on the spectrum that benefit from the visual representation of time & time passing.
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Great way for kids to visualize and manage time!

This app helps kids learn to manage their time by offering a visual of time remaining. My students have gotten a lot better at time management through use of this app and others like it.
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