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Numbers & Counting Adventures Interactive Activities
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Numbers & Counting Adventures Interactive Activities

Engaging counting practice for beginning learners

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Pros: Bright graphics and interesting characters are fun for children; four games provide variety in skills practice.

Cons: Games don't increase in difficulty, and once they are mastered, players may become quickly bored.

Bottom Line: Four engaging, interactive games for counting and sequencing with young children.

The games in Numbers and Counting Adventures may be used by teachers to give individual students extra practice, either as review and remediation or as an extension for advanced learners. The games may also be used whole-class on a smartboard system for class practice or review. There's a printable assessment option for extension.

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Numbers & Counting Adventures provides preschool and kindergarten players four games in which to build counting and number-recognition skills. "Gobs of Gumballs" asks players to count the number of gumballs in a machine, then select the coin with the corresponding numeral. "Amazing Aquarium" has players put a given number of fish into a fish bowl. "Pirate Loot" asks players to look at a treasure chest with a picture of jewels and a numeral, then choose which of a group of pictures corresponds to the given value. "Number Racers" requires players to look at a sequence of numbered cars and fill in the gaps with the correct numbers. The games have catchy graphics and music; young children will enjoy playing.

The mathematical concepts covered are sound and embedded into the games. There are a variety of counting skills, including counting a number of objects, recognizing numerals, sequencing numbers, and matching a numeral to a pictorial representation. The game covers numbers 0-29. After students have played many times and mastered the content, they may become bored, as the games don't increase in difficulty. Overall, the games are very good for learning.

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Games are engaging and graphics are stimulating, but players may become bored after repeated play.


Games are well-designed, and math skills are built in. Players will be able to transfer learning to new situations.


There are tutorials for the games, but players who get stuck in the middle of a game may not be able to get the help they need to move on. There is a printable assessment option for extension.

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