Grade 8

Responding to Online Hate Speech

How should you respond to online hate speech?
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This lesson meets standards for Common Core ELA, CASEL, AASL and ISTE.

Kids can come across all kinds of negative content online and on social media, whether it's rude, mean, or even hateful. But what counts as actual "hate speech," and how should kids respond when they see it? Use these activities to help students identify online hate speech and discuss the best ways to respond.

Students will be able to:
  • Use a circle-discussion structure to strengthen their class community.
  • Explore the nature of hate speech by discussing whether it could happen at their school.
  • Identify specific actions to positively affect a situation involving hate speech.

Lesson Snapshot

  Estimated time: 55 mins.
Warm Up:
Favorite or Least Favorite
5 mins.
Circle Talk
10 mins.
Could It Happen Here?
25 mins.
Wrap Up:
Stand Up
15 mins.

What You'll Need

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Blank paper ·  Pens or pencils  
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Student Handout: Scenario A: Maya Student Version
Student Handout: Scenario B: John Student Version
Student Handout: Scenario C: Marcus Student Version
Student Handout: Scenario D: Nancy Student Version
Lesson Quiz Student Version Answer Key
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