Grade 11

How Young Is Too Young for Social Media?

At what age should people be allowed to use social media?

Kids have to be at least 13 to sign up for most social media platforms. But we know that many tweens work around the restriction. In doing so they can connect with peers and have fun, but they're also vulnerable to a number of risks -- mainly overuse and challenges to their social-emotional health. Reflecting on age-appropriate content and behaviors can help students think through social media's effects on all of us, regardless of our age.

Students will be able to:
  • Explain why websites that collect personal information have an age requirement of 13.
  • Identify the risks of targeted advertising, especially when it is targeted to children.
  • Explain what age they think is best for beginning to use social media, and support their argument with specific reasons and examples.
Key Vocabulary: targeted advertising
targeted advertising:
advertisements that are shown to you based on information that has been collected about you (location, browsing history, interests, age, etc.)
Privacy & Security
This lesson meets standards for CASELAASLand ISTESee standards

Lesson Plan

50 mins.
Extension Activity:

In the "Create" activity, students took a position on a topic and prepared their strongest reasons and evidence. If time allows, or in a subsequent class period, have students form debate teams according to their position and hold an in-class debate. Check out this article for some easy high school debate formats.

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