For Developers: How to Share Your Common Sense Education Rating


Common Sense Education doesn't require or expect product developers to publicize our ratings or evaluations. We recognize, however, that developers and partners might wish to share their product's status as a "Common Sense Selection for learning," or highlight our learning rating, review, and/or privacy rating on their websites, in email newsletters, or in other promotional materials. To help, we've put together this guide.

There's information about our two different rating systems (learning ratings and privacy ratings), how to use our brand name and logo (including a downloadable PDF and logo assets), tips for quoting and linking to our reviews, and contact information if you want to know more. 

Important note: Learning ratings vs. privacy ratings

Before you get started, it's important that you understand we score products in two ways: learning ratings and privacy ratings. The learning ratings and privacy ratings are separate systems of evaluation based on different rubrics. Learning ratings do not affect privacy ratings and vice versa. However, when a product receives a very low privacy rating, that information will be flagged on the learning review. 

Before moving on, please confirm whether it's your learning or privacy rating that you wish to share with your networks. While most of the guidance is the same, you'll want to make sure you're linking to and/or quoting the correct page.

PBS Kids review page

Badges and seals

For learning ratings

PBS Kids icon with Common Sense Selection seal

We award Common Sense Selections for learning to best-in-class media resources and tools that facilitate great learning experiences for students and educators. 

For privacy ratings

Badges or seals aren't available for evaluated products. Instead, we recommend you use our brand logo or name and link to the full evaluation. You may also feel free to quote any relevant selections from the evaluation. See below for details.

Using Our Brand Logo and Name

You may use our brand logo and name when quoting or linking to either our learning rating or privacy rating of your product. To help out, we've put together a guide that includes logo artwork

Please use the official Common Sense Education logo artwork and follow the brand guidelines wherever possible to ensure consistent and accurate brand representation.

Brand logo guidelines

For learning ratings and privacy ratings

To ensure consistent and accurate brand representation:

1. Please use the official Common Sense Education logo artwork.

2. Do not adjust or distort the artwork or change colors.

3. Use the black-and-green logo wherever possible.

4. Use the all-white logo only if working on a dark background or on images.

5. Follow the guidelines for clear space and minimum size.

Brand-name guidelines

For learning ratings and privacy ratings

References to the organization should be "Common Sense Education" and not "Common Sense" or "Common Sense Media."

For the official Common Sense Selection seal 

References to the seal should always include the full, branded name, "Common Sense Selection." More information will be provided to you with your image assets. 

Quotation Guidelines

For learning ratings

Quotations (as well as the star rating) should be pulled from our editorial review and not any of the community reviews. If you attribute a quote from the review, use "Common Sense Education" or "[Reviewer's Name], Common Sense Education." The reviewer's name can be found in the Rating Details section.

For privacy ratings

Feel free to quote any aspect of the full privacy evaluation or the privacy evaluation summary featured on the learning rating page. If you attribute a quote from the review, use "Common Sense Education."

Link Guidelines

For learning ratings

Point to the review page on our website (example:

For privacy ratings

Point to the evaluation page on our website (example:

For More Information

Please visit How We Rate and Review for more information about our reviews.