Webinar Spotlight: The Art of Procurement -- Balancing Price and Performance

July 30, 2015
Steve Garton Senior Manager, Learning Solutions Program
Common Sense Education

CATEGORIES Professional Development, Technology Integration

Do you think of procurement in the same way you think of purchasing? Join Jeff Mao and Steve Garton in our monthly webinar series focused on strategies and practical advice about 1-to-1 learning programs. In this webinar, Jeff and Steve explore procurement strategies in today’s world of transparency and accountability, coupled with public funds in a school setting. Discover why the way you shop for solutions can be as important as how you buy. Is leasing computer equipment a good idea? Is price the most important factor? Find out this and more in our discussion on project management and implementation.

Webinar Highlights:

10:01 -- "Usually, at least 50 percent or more of the cost of a computer is everything other than the computer itself."

22:12 -- "What we tried to do was be prescriptive and not descriptive around the kind of software that we needed."

40:17 -- "Give yourself the flexibility to really award a good solution with some points, and for solutions that are not so good, you want to be able to ding them."

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