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15 Best Math Products Aligned to Common Core Standards

Engage your students with these great math apps, games and websites.

Ellen Holderman | March 28, 2014

For this week's Top Picks List Friday, we're featuring the best math products aligned to Common Core Standards. Looking for great math apps and websites that match standards you need to teach? Check out these recommendations. They're engaging and smart and good for different types of learners.

To see the most updated version of this list as well as the rating of each app, game, or website, visit the Top Picks List: 


mathalicious website

In an effort to improve middle school kids’ attitudes about the subject, Mathalicous teaches math via trendy, open-ended, real-world scenarios. Every lesson is tied to multiple Common Core standards with specifics provided right up front. On the site, lessons are searchable by standard, theme, or keyword. Read full review.

bugs and numbers app

Bugs and Numbers
Bugs and Numbers makes a bug's life for kids, as they explore math concepts such as matching, counting, sorting, sequencing, addition, subtraction, fractions, money, measurements, and telling time from the perspective of some realistic-looking critters. Read full review.

ixl website

IXL has a whopping 2,000 math-practice modules that meet nearly all the Common Core math standards. You'll find Pre-K games covering the fundamentals through high school lessons and learning activities on geometry, how to graph equations, or the Pythagorean theorem, for example. Read full review.

cyberchase website

Cyberchase is an educational website and companion to the award-winning PBS Kids show of the same name. Getting started is simple: Students simply go to the site and dive in! Read full review.

tenmarks website

TenMarks allows teachers to create practice and review based curriculum to help reinforce math concepts for students in first grade through Algebra 2. Teachers can assign Common Core-aligned content for a whole class, or create differentiated tracks for small groups and individual students. Read full review.

numbers and counting adventures game

Numbers & Counting Adventures
Numbers & Counting Adventures provides preschool and kindergarten players four games in which to build counting and number-recognition skills. There are a variety of counting skills, including counting a number of objects, recognizing numerals, sequencing numbers, and matching a numeral to a pictorial representation. Read full review.

brainpop featured movie app

BrainPOP Featured Movie
Tim and Moby the robot, in a series of animated videos, break down tons of topics from atoms to the idea of … a main idea! With BrainPOP Featured Movie's extensive collection, students can get a fun, free daily dose of information. Read full review.

slice it! app

Slice It!
Slice It! delivers 200 brain-teasing puzzles that challenge kids' understanding of core geometry concepts including shapes, symmetry, area, and measurement. Each puzzle presents a different shape, which kids must "slice" into a set number of equal parts by using a finger to make a specific number of cuts. Read full review.

curiosityville website

Curiosityville is a great example of age-appropriate Web content for little kids. The easy-to-use, straightforward design is aimed at the preschool to early elementary set, providing a safe online play space. Each account supports and tracks up to three kids. Read full review.

questimate app

Questimate is a remarkable math estimation game that puts kids in charge of making word problems with just enough guidance to keep the problems relevant and challenging. This app exposes kids to estimating real-world items in unique ways that focus on how math -- not just guessing -- can be used to estimate. Read full review.

mangahigh website is a Flash-based platform that boasts a dozen math games and hundreds of tutorials and quizzes -- all aligned with Common Core standards. It provides a good way of acquainting kids with a wide variety of math fundamentals, from addition and subtraction to beginning algebra concepts. Read full review.

dragonbox app

DragonBox Algebra 5+
DragonBox Algebra 5+ teaches kids algebra in a refreshing and unique way. Ten chapters get increasingly complex, and drag-and-drop simplicity teaches kids to solve, balance, and reduce multi-variable equations and overcome fears about learning math. Read full review.

khan academy website

Khan Academy
Khan Academy is a free website with over 4,000 academic videos, covering a wide range of subjects, that are aimed at self-paced instruction. Whether students are exploring on their own, using it in class, or as a resource for homework and test prep, Khan Academy is a very useful supplement to classroom instruction and discussion. Read full review.