Teacher Review for Wikispaces

Perfect colaboration tool that is safe and secure!

Jackson M.
Postsecondary student
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My Students Liked It Yes
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I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Creation
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How I Use It
I used this tool for research on web tools. I found that this web tool was amazing and simple to use that allows for great collaboration between students and teachers or It can work for a business or casual setting as well.
My Take
As a student reviewing Wikispaces this web-tool can be used to so many great advances. Wikispaces is the perfect online collaboration tool. It creates a safe and secure place for any group of people to join together and create, learn, or innovate. In the classroom setting, business setting, or even just a casual setting for someone’s personal use; Wikispaces fits all types of people and all groups of people. It truly allows the collaboration of people, but the best part is you can be in completely different areas and still be able to contact with each other, even in completely different countries. Wikispaces is one of the best collaboration tools out there to date. For the education setting teachers can do just about anything they could in a normal classroom environment. You can have class discussions, you can give students assignments and projects and tell them when they are assigned to when they are due. The best part is teachers can even monitor the amount a student participates through the use of Wikispaces. The site keeps track of time spent reading, typing, and working on something assigned and puts it all in data bar that a teacher could easily read and see if a student is working or not. You can choose who can join the site and collaborate with the rest of the group. The same goes for the business setting. You can have an online place where your business could possible work with other businesses or within its own infrastructure. Workers can discuss and businesses and create projects on Wikispaces that everyone could be a part of or you just could just assign it to a specific group of people. From my personal use I toyed around with all of the features and settings. You can personalize you own site a tiny bit by changing colors and fonts. It all is fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it. Which brings me to my one critique for Wikispaces; It’s that tutorial videos should be easy to find on the site and very accessible. I could not find the tutorial videos and had to figure out how to create my online space by myself. They do have a help option bar but it still does not provide the type of help a visual aid would provide. Pros: • Amazing online space for collaboration • Easy to use once you get the hang of it • Can connect with anybody • Safe and Secure • Allows teachers to oversee student activity • Allows for the creation of groups so assignments and projects don’t have to be given to everyone • Allows for discussion and learning Cons: • You have to pay for a better full-use experience • No visual aid tutorial of how to use the site Wikispaces is one of the best online tools that people have access too. I would recommend Wikispaces to anybody looking for an online space. It allows for great collaboration between anybody and allows for a great learning space for people.