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Basic, useful online calculator's got the tools, could use more guidance

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Pros: Kids can perform all kinds of calculations without an expensive graphing calculator, and the forums are a nice addition.

Cons: More detailed directions for kids and classroom use ideas for teachers would be helpful.

Bottom Line: For a free tool, it's not too shabby; Web2.0Calc does everything from graphing functions to solving matrices. can be made accessible to your students in a variety of ways. Try placing the widget on your class website, or suggest that students download the free Android app to have calculator access on their phone. Practically speaking, if students are using this tool as their only graphing calculator, you may want to think about how this will work on tests; it can be harder to manage than a traditional graphing calculator because students access it through the Web and/or their cell phone. This makes it less obvious when kids use other Web-based applications to communicate with each other during assessments. If this is a concern, consider having a class set of regular graphing calculators and encouraging kids to use this site at home for homework and practice. 

Continue reading Show less is a free online calculator. You can choose whether you'd like it to act as a scientific, graphing, or programing calculator, which allows you to do anything from plotting a linear equation to solving matrices. It can be used in any class that requires a complex calculator. You don't have to register for the site, but if you do, you'll be able to post questions in the forums. There's also an option to create a widget that you can add to your own website.

Regular graphing calculators can cost at least $100. provides the same capabilities for free. Other sites, like Fooplot, offer similar tools, but has a broader range of calculating options.

It's simply a tool, so learning really depends on who is using it and what they're using it for. Compared to an actual graphing calculator, the price (free) can't be beat, and it serves the same purpose. However, could be improved by the addition of support for teachers using it with their classes. Currently, teachers who use it need to design their own activities and instruction sheets to help kids use effectively. A nice bonus: There's a free online math help forum. However, anyone can post responses to the questions, so reliability and quality of help varies.

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Design is very basic but also very clean, which may make it easier for kids to focus on the math. Excitement-wise, it's as fun as any calculator; it depends on what you're working on.


By eliminating some of the obstacles presented by computation, easily accessible, free online calculators like this one help kids focus on problem-solving skills. This site also gives kids a place to ask and review questions -- bonus!


Question-and-answer forums help kids with all kinds of math questions. Plus, calculators and instructions are available in five different languages.

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Great calculator tool, with additional forums and formulas available to students.
I believe that this is a beneficial tool to help students both in the classroom setting, as well as at home. I really like how there is a forum, formula, and help section available for students. These sections are by no means extraordinary when it comes to building understanding. However, they do offer extra support to students when the teacher/classmates are not available. I like how this calculator can accomplish a huge variety of mathematical operations. The fact that it is free to use, allows st ...
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