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Upgrade your grading with tool for mastery-based tracking

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Pros: Provides a comprehensive platform for tracking standards-based assessments.

Cons: With so much functionality comes a fair amount of complexity; at times the user experience may challenge, and it takes time to learn.

Bottom Line: For those trained in standards-based grading, a solid way to collect, track, and report mastery-based achievement.

One of the most powerful ways to use JumpRope is to share data directly with students. In the right context, students' access to their own data can be empowering. It's best to share data with them on a frequent basis; that way, they'll be able to make crucial connections between different aspects of their own learning processes. They'll consider their strategies, their study skills, and how these affect progress toward meeting new goals.

Using the extensive reporting tools, give students opportunities to take ownership over their learning. Encourage them to set their own goals and advocate for their own needs. Additionally, teachers can use this data to target instruction at best supporting students' growth. Use formative assessments to your advantage -- conduct them frequently and record as much data as possible. As tracking, recording, and interpreting all this data can be challenging, collaborate with your colleagues to develop useful systems and best practices that work within your school setting.

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JumpRope is a platform to help teachers tackle the challenges of mastery-based data collection and analysis. The planning tool helps teachers set up high-level units of study and learning targets, each aligned to the Common Core State Standards. After entering the appropriate targets, assessments can be linked to each. Teachers can then categorize and weight various assessment types, such as homework, quizzes, or classwork. Once the assignments are added to the system, teachers can get to work entering grades.

What's more, JumpRope has an attendance tracker and a commenting system to help track student behavior, follow-up, and interventions. Reports can be viewed online or printed, as well as customized to show various levels of detail. Paid versions of the tool also include parent and student portals, a customized grading language, and collaborative planning features.

If your goal is to implement mastery-based teaching and learning, JumpRope is worth a visit. The planning tool helps teachers develop curriculum with end goals in mind. Having the clarity of these goals to work toward serves students in a powerful way, since they must understand their teacher's expectations right from the start of a unit. Since data entry is efficient, teachers can collect and analyze students' performance on an ongoing basis. The commenting system makes it easy to capture and sort through anecdotal notes about students' behavior and subsequent interventions. Parents and students can also get access to data; keeping all stakeholders in the know can help boost kids' learning.

Additionally, JumpRope has strong data-crunching capabilities, generating a variety of reports on a wide range of metrics. The color-coded reporting tools can help teachers identify next steps for targeted instruction, as well as celebrate students' accomplishments. This kind of actionable feedback can be rewarding and empowering for all. Nevertheless, teachers may want more help in interpreting so much data. And while teachers will enjoy opportunities for collaborative planning, they may want a more intuitive interface for sharing units and resources. Overall, given the depth of the site's capabilities, better navigation among its myriad features could make it an even more effective tool for boosting student achievement.

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The tools that help students self-assess and advocate can be empowering. Opportunities to plan collaboratively and assess more authentically are refreshing, but teachers may want a more intuitive interface.


The reports give students a picture of where they stand academically. This transparency puts them in the driver's seat for learning. Teachers can use a rich variety of assessment data to drive instruction.


Support tickets have a helpful built-in screen-capture feature, and support staff are available with fast response times. Better guidance on how to enter and interpret data may help teachers use the site more powerfully.

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A nice alternative to a paper gradebook for standards based grading
I really like this product, but the setup was a bit confusing at first. It is not a simple tool. For example, when trying to import standards to my first unit, it took me awhile to get the hang of how to search for Common Core standards. You can't just browse by grade level; you have to search by key words. I figured it out eventually, but it was a bit clunky getting started. Also, there is a lot of work on the front end of this. You have to build your entire unit standard by standard and make sure you ...
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