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Website review by Polly Conway, Common Sense Education | Updated November 2013


Clip and share online educational content with students

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Pros: Design is simple, and the bonus content for teachers makes each eduClip an online treasure.

Cons: You should vet content before assigning to students; not everything here is outstanding.

Bottom Line: It's an easy, refreshing way for teachers to share content with other teachers (and students).

EduClipper was basically made for teachers, and most of its applications are direct ways to organize classroom content and find new, engaging content to teach. If you're struggling with how to address a particular subject or concept, it's worth searching eduClipper's thousands of clips for advice or an interesting take on the problem. There are lesson plans and links to all subjects and levels. You can also create your own lesson plans by assigning a series of clips to your class; it's a good way to test out a flipped learning environment.

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EduClipper is a website that lets users organize the Web's educational content onto virtual clipboards. It's a lot like Pinterest, but for teachers. You'll log in with an email and password; then you can begin clipping your favorite websites, videos, images, and documents. You can do this by downloading a bookmarklet.

Each eduClip contains an image, some text about the linked content, and, if you choose to add it, subject, grade, and Common Core standards. Click on an eduClip; it'll fill the screen and you can see more details, like who posted it, the other eduClips they've added, the other boards it's been posted on, and how many reclips and likes it has; you're also given the option to flag it if you find it inappropriate. Once you have a full board or completed collection of clips, you can share it with students or other teachers.

While the site's format is clearly inspired by the extremely popular Pinterest, everything else about eduClipper is pretty original and quite well done. It's great for facilitating learning. From classroom management advice to actual lesson plans, the site has something to meet nearly every educator need. As long as you use what you find wisely, eduClipper can be an incredible resource. Like any other pin-based site, however, you need to spend a good amount of time browsing. Just because it's been eduClipped doesn't mean it's great content; navigating the site does take time and a bit of research.


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Its scrolling Pinterest-like design should be familiar to many and makes it easy to access links other users have saved.


This site's goal is to help teachers work together to ensure kids have access to the best content on the Internet.


The eduClips you add to your boards are saved, and navigational help is contained in a Knowledge Base. For additional help, you can add questions to a forum or e-mail the support team.

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eduClipper just hasn't come through for me
eduClipper is one of the tools I tried out in my quest for the ideal curation tool for my class. I got excited about eduClipper because it's specifically designed for the classroom. Unfortunately, the functionality fell short of expectations. The chrome extension for eduClipper did not work well, even when I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Just testing the site again recently, I found it to be UNintuitive to add something to a specific notebook/collection. The strength of eduClipper is that it' ...
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