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Social media approach draws families into the daily classroom

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Pros: Easy format for posting announcements, homework, and classroom activities.

Cons: Needs a monitoring system if posts by students or parents are allowed in the initial setup.

Bottom Line: Flexible, practical platform for sharing updates and information with families, creating positive communications.

Communication with families creates a positive relationship, and Classting offers an easy-to-use platform to accomplish this. Teachers can share with parents and students information that's happening daily in the classroom, or deliver announcements in real-time via smartphones. All information is available only to members that have been added. Posts are made by selecting the specific class and deciding if it will be shared with co-teachers, parents, or students. This framework is definitely a time-saving option. Homework assignments can be posted and can include videos, photos, and files. An additional option includes student responses when they've completed an assignment. If this is also shared with parents, it's a great way to encourage homework completion.

Besides homework, posts can be shared about activities happening in the classroom or upcoming events. If a field trip is being planned, a notice can be sent home to families, which includes directions along with a permission slip. Positive learning opportunities can be demonstrated through photos or videos of students in action. This is especially helpful for middle school on up, since it becomes harder to find out what's happened in school each day. Notices could cover areas from conferences to classroom supply needs, and you have control over which groups receive the information.

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Classting's platform allows teachers to communicate with families and students about daily happenings in the classroom. Setup is intuitive when creating classes, and students/parents can join with a class code. Student emails aren't required. There's an option to print letters or email an invitation to join the class. Initial settings include the option to allow students or parents to post in the classroom, but this can be disabled, and students can still contact teachers through private message. For each classroom, teachers can select notices, homework, and albums to be shared. Each of these includes additional options to attach photos, videos, or files. Flexibility in the platform allows teachers to create positive communication with families through updates and shared experiences.

An additional global piece in Classting is a classroom exchange. After selecting this button, there are options to narrow down the class that teachers would like to collaborate with by country and age. Suggested guidelines on how to use classroom exchange aren't available, so since it's open-ended, it may take time to develop.

Classting is an easy means of effective communication with families, connecting them to the classroom. Families feel involved when they're included in activities (through photos or videos) and understand upcoming events or homework assignments. Due to time demands, teachers often find it difficult to communicate classroom updates, but Classting offers a flexible solution in a safe environment. Exciting learning experiences can be shared through photo albums, which also serve as an archive of school-year events and growth. Homework projects or tests can be posted, along with any study materials. This is a win for both families and teachers. 

Personalizing the initial classroom setup with photos and bios may take a little extra time, but the program is simple to use and follow. However, it needs a monitoring system if posts by students or parents are allowed in the initial setup. Allowing teachers to approve posts would help filter out inappropriate or irrelevant communication. Additional help is available in the FAQ section.

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It allows easy communication and updates with families. The flexibility in options is a plus, allowing teachers to share photos, videos, messages, and homework.


Homework, updates, and photos are all part of the platform, insuring successful connection with families. Continuous communication throughout the school year creates a positive environment.


Well-organized documents and videos for teachers, parents, and students make for easy setup and use.

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