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Amplify Fractions

Story-based lessons guide students with helpful virtual tutor

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Pros: Teaches fractions in real-world contexts with personalized feedback and unlimited practice.

Cons: The quirky storytelling may not appeal to all students, and the practice problems lack the quality feedback of the lessons.

Bottom Line: With a digital tutor to guide students through interactive fraction problems, this is an ideal math center program.

Amplify Fractions is a website that focuses on helping students learn all aspects of fractions through adaptive instruction and storytelling. Students are guided by a virtual tutor, making the program an ideal math center. In addition to independent classwork, students can also complete problems for homework. With the reporting section, teachers can easily see which concepts students have mastered and the areas in which they still need work. Students sign up with a class code created by the teacher.

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Amplify Fractions is an interactive website that teaches students all aspects of fractions, which are split into three units: Intro to Fractions; Equivalence & Comparison, Adding & Subtracting; and Multiplying & Dividing. It uses storytelling episodes, which include a lesson followed by practice, to keep students engaged while completing each problem provided to them. Students receive feedback through a virtual tutor who draws on the screen. 

After teachers activate their account, they can create classes that students join using a code. Teachers can see the progress each student is making within each unit. The reporting section includes a standards view for teachers to see student progress based on Common Core standards. 

The storytelling in Amplify Fractions allows students to see -- and make sense of -- the fractions rather than just work with numbers. But the best part is the individualized feedback students receive when they answer; the virtual tutor draws on the screen and uses manipulatives to demonstrate the lesson. Students can see their progress on a mastery bar that fills as they answer problems correctly, and students can practice for an unlimited amount of time.

The support from Amplify Fractions provides teachers with the opportunity to focus on a student's understanding rather than spend time learning how to use the tool.

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The unique storytelling guides students through interactive lessons that teach them what fractions are before challenging them to perform basic operations.


The program's essentially a virtual tutor guiding students through various fraction problems. When students respond with an incorrect answer, they get encouraging feedback and suggestions on how to proceed.


There's a great deal of support, including a scope-and-sequence outline of lessons, guidance on pedagogy, and materials for how to get started.

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Eric W. , Technology coordinator
Technology coordinator
Academy at the Lakes
Land O Lakes, United States
The content wasn't horrible, but we stopped using the app because it simply did not work. Frustration levels were high. We did everything the support team asked and then they didn't fix anything...they simply closed the support ticket and called it a day. Save your money. We will not be using it again.
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