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Who Are You Online? (UK)

What are the benefits and drawbacks of presenting yourself in different ways online?

What does it actually mean to "be yourself" or to "be real"? Those are deep thoughts for any young person. For children and young people today, these questions matter online, too. Help your learners explore why some people create different or alternate personas for themselves online and on social media.

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Learning Objectives:
  • Reflect on reasons why people might create fake social media accounts.
  • Identify the possible results of posting from a fake social media account.
  • Debate the benefits and drawbacks of posting from multiple accounts.
Key Vocabulary: affinity group  ·  anonymous  ·  curate  ·  finsta
affinity group:
a group of people linked by a common interest or purpose
without a name or other information that identifies a person
to select, organize and look after a collection (e.g. content posted to a social media profile)
a fake Instagram account used for posting to a specific group of people or to post anonymously
Digital Footprint & Identity

Lesson Plan

45 mins.

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