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We Are Civil Communicators (UK)

How can we communicate with civility online?

When we talk about our personal beliefs and politics, passions can run high -- especially when we're online. These intense moments can often lead to tit-for-tat insults or worse. But, if addressed calmly and coolly, they can be an opportunity to find common ground and deeper understanding. Teach learners to keep disagreements civil, so their ideas will be heard and they can advocate for positive change.

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Learning Objectives:
  • Define "civil discourse" and identify why it can be challenging on the internet.
  • Analyse resources to identify the causes and effects of uncivil online discourse.
  • Learn strategies for civil discourse and apply them to a scenario involving uncivil discourse.
Key Vocabulary: civil discourse
civil discourse:
conversation that involves respectful sharing and debate of ideas
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Lesson Plan

55 mins.

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