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This Is Me (UK)

How does what I post online affect my identity?

From selfies to social media, many of us create unique online identities for ourselves, and our learners are no different. But do children always understand how others might perceive what they post?

Help your learners think critically about the online identities they're creating.

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Learning Objectives:
  • Consider how posting selfies or other images will lead others to make assumptions about them.
  • Reflect on the most important parts of their unique identities.
  • Identify ways they can post online to best reflect who they are.
Key Vocabulary: assumption  ·  identity  ·  selfie
something that someone thinks is true, but in reality, may or may not be
different parts of your culture, experiences, and interests that make you unique
a picture you take of of yourself, usually with a phone
Digital Footprint & Identity

Lesson Plan

45 mins.

What You'll Need

Coloured pencils, crayons or markers ·  Paper  

Classroom resources

  • Lesson Slides
  • Introducing...Me! Handout
  • How I See You Handout
  • Lesson Quiz

Take-home resources

  • Family Activity
  • Family Tips