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The Power of Digital Footprints (UK)

How might our digital footprints shape our future?

Our digital footprints can impact our future. What others find about us online shapes how they see us or feel about us. Help your learners learn about their digital footprint and the steps they can take to shape what others find and see about them online.

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Learning Objectives:
  • Define the term "digital footprint" and explain how it can affect their online privacy.
  • Analyse how different parts of their digital footprint can lead others to draw conclusions -- both positive and negative -- about who they are.
  • Use the "Take a Stand" thinking routine to examine a dilemma about digital footprints.
Key Vocabulary: digital footprint  ·  invisible audience  ·  persistent
digital footprint:
a record of what you do online, including the sites you visit and the things you post; it can also include things that others post that involve you, such as pictures or comments
invisible audience:
unknown or unanticipated people who can see information about you posted online
lasting a long time
Digital Footprint & Identity

Lesson Plan

50 mins.

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