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The Consequences of Online Hate Speech (UK)

What should the consequences for online hate speech be?

While some governments can't regulate hate speech, laws allow private organisations like social media apps and private universities to decide how to deal with hate speech within their spheres. How should these organisations respond to hate speech? What is an appropriate consequence? Pose these questions for learners and help them think through the importance of both respect for others and free speech.

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Learning Objectives:
  • Reflect on whether hate speech is considered free speech.
  • Identify the reasons for and against regulating online hate speech.
  • Use the "Take a Stand" thinking routine to consider the potential consequences of online hate speech.
Key Vocabulary: freedom of speech  ·  hate speech
freedom of speech:
The right to hold your own opinions and express them freely without government interference
hate speech:
an attack using any form of communication targeting a person or people because of a group they belong to -- race, gender, religion, ability, sexual orientation, etc.
Cyberbullying, Digital Drama & Hate Speech

Lesson Plan

50 mins.

What You'll Need

Classroom resources

  • Lesson Slides
  • Admissions Dilemma Handout Teacher Version
  • Lesson Quiz

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