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Social Media and Digital Footprints: Our Responsibilities (UK)

How does using social media affect our digital footprints?

Social media can be a place to connect, learn and, most of all, share. But how much do children and young people know about what they're sharing -- and not just about themselves, but each other? Help learners think critically about their digital footprints on social media.

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Learning Objectives:
  • Identify reasons for using social media and the challenges that often come along with it.
  • Reflect on the responsibilities they have that are related to digital footprints -- both their own and others' -- when they're using social media.
  • Identify ways to make the most of social media while still caring for the digital footprints of themselves and others.
Key Vocabulary: digital footprint  ·  oversharing
digital footprint:
a record of what you do online, including the sites you visit and the things you post; it can also include things that others post that involve you, such as pictures or comments
sharing personal feelings, information or experiences that later make someone feel uncomfortable or regretful
Digital Footprint & Identity

Lesson Plan

55 mins.

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