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Finding My Media Balance (UK)

What does media balance mean for me?

Helping children learn what makes different media choices healthy or not is a good start. But how do we help them actually make responsible choices in the real world? Give your learners the opportunity to create a personalised media plan.

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Learning Objectives:
  • Reflect on how balanced they are in their daily lives.
  • Consider what "media balance" means and how it applies to them.
  • Create a personalised plan for healthy and balanced media use.
Key Vocabulary: balance  ·  media  ·  media balance
all of the parts are in the correct -- though not necessarily equal -- proportions
all of the ways that large groups of people get and share information (TV, books, internet, newspapers, phones, etc.)
media balance:
using media in a way that feels healthy and in balance with other life activities (family, friends, school, hobbies, etc.)
Media Balance & Well-Being

Lesson Plan

45 mins.

What You'll Need

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  • Family Activity
  • Family Tips