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Digital Drama Unplugged (UK)

How can you de-escalate digital drama so it doesn't go too far?

Miscommunication is a common occurrence online and on social media. Plus, being behind a screen makes it easier for learners to say things they wouldn't say in person. So how do we help them avoid the pitfalls of digital drama? By teaching them tips on avoiding online drama in the first place and de-escalating drama when it happens.

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Learning Objectives:
  • Reflect on how easily drama can escalate online.
  • Identify de-escalation strategies when dealing with digital drama.
  • Reflect on how digital drama can affect not only oneself but also those around us.
Key Vocabulary: de-escalate  ·  digital drama
to lessen the intensity or anger in a conflict
digital drama:
when people use devices, apps or websites to start or further a conflict between people
Cyberbullying, Digital Drama & Hate Speech

Lesson Plan

45 mins.

What You'll Need

Classroom resources

Take-home resources

  • Family Activity
  • Family Tips