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Copyright and Fair Dealing (UK)

What rights to fair dealing do you have as a creator?

Children and young people can be voracious consumers -- and creators -- of media, and it's easier than ever for them to find and share digital content online. But do they know about concepts like fair dealing, UK copyright law and public domain? Give learners a framework they can use to better understand how fair dealing works in the real world.

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Learning Objectives:
  • Define the terms copyright, public domain and fair dealing.
  • Identify the purpose of the four exceptions of fair dealing.
  • Apply fair dealing to real-world examples, making a case for or against.
Key Vocabulary: copyright  ·  fair dealing  ·  licence  ·  public domain  ·  sampling
legal protection that creators have over the things they create
fair dealing:
the circumstances in which copyrighted works can be used without permission from the copyright owner
a clear way to define the type of copyright a creative work has, so that others know how they can use it
public domain:
creative work that's not copyrighted and free to use without permission
reworking a portion of a song or sound recording into a new composition
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Lesson Plan

50 mins.

What You'll Need

Classroom resources

  • Lesson Slides
  • Fair and Square Handout Teacher Version
  • Lesson Quiz

Take-home resources

  • Family Activity
  • Family Tips