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Websites for Reading, Literacy, and Math Games

The educational games on this list offer students an absorbing way to practice basic skills and to test their recall. Along the way, students might develop more fluency in math or reading concepts, like rounding numbers or conjugating verbs. Getting more fluent through educational games might lead to more confidence, especially when it comes to quizzing or testing.

One thing to be aware of: These game sites tend to fall into two broad categories. That's why we've organized this list into sections, so you can find sites that have a wide assortment of games, or check out comprehensive programs that feature games. The former offer short, repeatable experiences covering a veritable grab bag of concepts. The latter offer personalized, guided instruction that includes games as part of the curricular program.

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Websites with Assorted Games in All Subjects


Tons of options to practice skills, though pesky ads can annoy without a subscription

Bottom line: Practice core subject skills with fun games at school or at home.

Mr. Nussbaum! Learning + Fun

Solid collection of learning activities on a wide variety of topics

Bottom line: Games and activities are fine for reinforcement and practice but don't offer built-in feedback or progress tracking.

Common Sense Selection

PBS Kids

One-stop shop for a wealth of fantastic PBS Kids educational content

Bottom line: Amazing collection of valuable learning resources covers an impressive array of topics.

Common Sense Selection

BrainPOP Jr.

Original videos and activities a treasure trove for teachers and students

Bottom line: A unique, video-driven learning platform with tons of topics and resources.

Toy Theater

Math, ELA games galore overwhelms; best with clear teacher direction

Bottom line: There are some gems here for making learning fun, but teachers need to guide students towards specific games.


Free games provide math and language skill practice

Bottom line: Since the games rely a lot on drills they're more about fun than learning, but they could fill some gaps.

GameUp by BrainPop

Grab bag of game goodies creatively explores a variety of subjects

Bottom line: A really nice variety of subject matter and a unique approach get kids actively involved in the learning process.

Websites with Assorted Math Games


Fast-paced games reinforce math facts

Bottom line: A solid resource for practicing math skills, but might be frustrating for struggling students.

Math Cats

Whimsical site sneaks math into practical activities

Bottom line: Kids can learn to appreciate all the ways math connects to real life, and that math can be fun and entertaining.

Math Playground

Solid math games and activities hiding behind pop-ups and ads

Bottom line: Teachers who invest some time in identifying the best of the site can find helpful, free resources.


Dated site with ads, simple games, limited resources

Bottom line: Coolmath has some decent references and short explanations but is dated and uninspiring.

Websites with Assorted Literacy Games

ABCmouse for Teachers

Cartoon classroom has wide variety of point-and-click learning

Bottom line: Though it's not for deeper thinking, this free platform has a ton to offer.

Math and Reading Programs with Games

Brainzy Math and Reading Program

Handy, engaging early reading and math topics in fun, inviting package

Bottom line: Super-fun practice with common early learning topics; the premium version is much more comprehensive than what's available for free.

Lexia Core5 Reading

Blended reading program offers individualized growth

Bottom line: This is a research-backed blended reading platform that builds literacy skills and helps teachers plan and deliver targeted instruction in the classroom.


Entertaining activities help keep early math exciting

Bottom line: Fun collection of lessons and games drives home math concepts.


A colorful, fun way for students to build math skills mastery

Bottom line: These engaging math games for younger kids are great for math skills practice, but you'll need a paid account to access a substantial amount of the content.

Teachley EDU

Fun math gameplay with solid skill-building and helpful teacher tools

Bottom line: Teachley lets teachers monitor progress and easily meet students' needs, though it's probably most appealing to kids in lower elementary.

Common Sense Selection

DreamBox Learning Math

Individualized, game-based math adapts to kids' needs

Bottom line: It's an excellent all-in-one solution for extra math support and practice with solid adaptive tech.

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