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Middle and High School Geography Apps and Websites

Geography is concerned with people and places, and the complex relationships between them. The great geography apps, games, and websites on this list help students explore and understand these relationships and how they impact society and culture. As students use these tools to explore more of the planet, they'll begin to think critically about the issues and problems affecting their communities and learn how to be good local and global citizens. To help support students, check out our curated list of atlases, geography quiz tools, map-making programs, and interactive experiences. They offer a nice mix of practical factual learning about states, countries, continents, and more alongside more dynamic exploratory, creative, and critical thinking.

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Explore Interactive Multimedia and Games

Common Sense Selection

National Geographic Education

Top geography resource site provides global exploration opportunities

Bottom line: This is a must-bookmark site for classrooms across the curriculum hunting for inspiring place-based resources.

Google Lit Trips

Google Earth-powered tours explore how stories and geography connect

Bottom line: With some initial fiddling, this can be a good option to increase student interest in -- and add depth to -- literary study.

Stack the States 2

Geography trivia game balances facts and fun

Bottom line: This is a clear go-to if you're looking to help students memorize state locations, shapes, capitals, history, and more.

GeoBee Challenge HD by National Geographic

Geography buffs can hone their knowledge of places, landmarks

Bottom line: For kids who already know their geography, this is a good way to practice for geography bees, but for kids trying to learn, it can be daunting.

Montessorium: Intro to Geo

Map memorization drills offer comprehensive but monotonous coverage

Bottom line: This is a great database of basic information about the world's countries; the repetitive drills will work for some kids and circumstances, but not others.


Kids travel the world, cultivate global curiosity and responsibility

Bottom line: Kids get a sense of culture and global responsibility via kid-friendly articles and great multimedia.

Google Earth VR

Explore the world with an incredible new perspective and sense of scale

Bottom line: An amazing experience that brings the world to life, despite the heavy investment in VR required.

Esri GeoInquiries

Captivating, focused map activities support larger curricular lessons

Bottom line: These inquiry-based activities are a valuable visual and investigative resource for teachers and students in many different subjects.


"Just one more turn" gameplay jazzes up geography

Bottom line: It's not a typical educational game, but Geoguessr inspires students to explore the world and encourages them to think critically about what defines a place, including culture and geography.

Seterra Geography

Drill geography facts with oddly compelling, no-frills app

Bottom line: A basic but useful way to drill and memorize geography basics.


World habitat app full of intriguing visual comparisons, useful data

Bottom line: This biome reference app helps students get local when understanding their planet Earth.


Leave and locate hidden packages in a real-world treasure hunt

Bottom line: Kids learn problem-solving, teamwork, and mapping skills, but the site doesn’t provide instruction or explanations for most of those topics; educators will have to fill in the gaps.


Pro-oriented storytelling and mapping tool has classroom potential

Bottom line: Getting comfortable with StoryMapJS will require some focus, but students who take the time will gain a new perspective on digital storytelling.

Get Lost in Atlases and Maps

Google Earth

Dazzling globe-trotting tool has endless classroom applications

Bottom line: This tool defines engagement and offers a completely open-ended experience perfect for use across the educational spectrum.


Maps and more in this vast history, geography, and civics resource

Bottom line: A well-rounded selection of helpful classroom and research materials; better organization would help kids navigate the site with ease.

Geo Walk - World Factbook 3D

Dazzling look at the world via an interactive atlas

Bottom line: Credible resource for introducing students to the world, which is likely to encourage them to research areas of interest further.

Google Maps

Hugely popular mapping tool has tons of learning potential

Bottom line: This familiar tool can go beyond here to there and take kids to new educational destinations.

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