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Best Podcast Apps and Websites for Students

Podcasts are a beloved source of news, entertainment, and culture, not to mention groundbreaking journalism and storytelling. They're also a great tool for classrooms. Listening to podcasts can offer students on-the-go insight into current events or compelling stories that supplement and extend classroom learning. Creating podcasts can help students organize and communicate, building key writing and speaking skills while also learning recording, editing, and publishing skills. This list compiles some great podcasts that'll help students see what's possible, plus recording, editing, and sharing tools to make their own shows a reality.

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Subscribe for access to quality kids' podcasts, audiobooks, and shows

Bottom line: For engaging, thought-provoking, ad-free content, it's tough to beat Pinna's classroom-friendly offerings for the price.


Search, access, and organize podcasts from iTunes' free library

Bottom line: This valuable tool helps teachers and students find educational podcasts that can supplement or replace the use of traditional textbooks.


Amazingly powerful audio workstation unleashes creativity

Bottom line: There's exceptional functionality in this solid, all-inclusive audio workstation that's fantastic for high-quality, anytime, and anywhere audio recording and sharing.

Science Friday

A weekly dose of curiosity for teachers and students alike

Bottom line: For a weekly rejuvenation of scientific learning, Science Friday is a source of inspiration for both teachers and students.


Asynchronous audio response tool encourages all students to speak up

Bottom line: This tool offers classrooms a space for short, impactful voice-based discussions, but it's lacking some key ways to modify the experience.


Bring real-world stories from public radio into the classroom

Bottom line: A fantastic resource that brings both historical and current event public radio stories into the classroom.


From the everyday to the extraordinary, personal interviews get kids listening

Bottom line: It's a great resource to help demonstrate the value of listening and the importance of storytelling and interviewing skills.


Powerful online audio production with built-in collaboration features

Bottom line: Soundtrap is a uniquely collaborative sound-production environment, but if you want the top-quality EDU version, you have to pay top dollar.


Podcasting app is super easy to use, if you can do it all in one take

Bottom line: There are few easier ways to publish a podcast, but that ease of use comes at the cost of one-take creation and few tools for post-production.

Radio Rookies

Teens share enthusiastic voices on serious topics

Bottom line: Radio Rookies could use a few content updates, but its heart is in the right place and it shows.

YR Media

Dynamic site harnesses creative young talent to speak truth to power

Bottom line: This fresh and socially aware website will draw students in with catchy -- often controversial -- topics, but keep them there with quality content.

NPR: Borderland

Illuminating, up-close-and-personal visit to the U.S.-Mexico border

Bottom line: As a truly unique resource that's worth using, teachers will need to create lessons that scaffold students' understanding of the complex issues found within.

NPR News

Top-notch digital content takes students beyond the airwaves

Bottom line: Provides an easy, fun, and effective way to engage students with radio.


Trusty podcast app has quality content but lacks learning supports

Bottom line: An enticing free option for connecting current events to content through podcasts, but student engagement hinges on how you incorporate it.

Science Update

60-second podcasts spark kids' interest with daily fix of science news

Bottom line: Amidst some fun, these audio clips provide a regular dose of news about current scientific research.

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