Digital Citizenship Toolkits

Lifelong Learning: A Social & Emotional Learning Toolkit for Educators

Social and emotional learning (SEL) skills are the foundation for a positive, inclusive world. Our toolkit gives you the up-to-date information and classroom-ready resources you'll need to inspire empathy, integrity, teamwork, and more in your students.

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Beyond Fake News: A News & Media Literacy Toolkit for Educators

Access to information is at an all-time high, but deciphering between fact and fiction is more complex than ever. Use this toolkit to help guide your students to think critically about the media they are consuming and creating.

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Teachers' Essential Guide to Cyberbullying Prevention

student with a phone looking sad

What is cyberbullying? How common is it? And what can teachers do about it? Get teaching advice, ready-made lesson plans, videos, family resources, and the latest research on this important topic. Help your students build a culture of kindness and empathy, and make sure they have the skills they need to identify and respond to cyberbullying.

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#DeviceFreeDinner: A Toolkit for Driving Home Digital Citizenship

Use these resources to engage students and families around the benefits of a balanced digital lifestyle. #DeviceFreeDinner is the perfect way for your students to take responsible media use beyond the classroom and put digital citizenship into action.

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Common Sense on E-rate and CIPA: A Toolkit for Schools and Districts

If your school gets E-rate funding, chances are you're looking for ways to educate students about Internet safety, appropriate online behavior, and cyberbullying. Our free toolkit makes providing that education and documenting your process a snap.

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Girls, Boys, and Media: A Gender and Digital Life Toolkit

For today’s kids, messages about how they’re expected to behave based on their gender come from all directions including mass media and their friends. Use this toolkit to help your students become aware of how gender impacts their digital media lives.

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