Great way for the students to be active learners!

Submitted 2 years ago
Caroline H.
Caroline H.
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I liked that this tool helped the students to be active learners. It is not simply a click through seminar, it helps them to understand primary and secondary sources better while they write to further learn the knowledge gained. There will be various check points throughout readings to help students identify what they should be paying attention to. Teachers can use interactive rubrics to give feedback on their students notes and writing exercises that will help the students get better and better. Overall, this is a great website to help students learn and take an active role in their own learning.

How I Use It

Zoom In could be used in two different settings. It could be teacher lead to the whole class and when there are chances for the students to write about what they have learned and use some of the sources provided, they could either write or have a classroom discussion. This could also be used as a student guided learning tool where they get to practice what they learn and their writing skills along the way.