Saves my giant headaches when grading!

Submitted 3 years ago
Shawna W.
Shawna W.
Bozeman High School
Bozeman MT, US
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My Take

I really appreciate how much time this great (inexpensive) little app has save me. Making grading easier and quicker allows me to focus on more important things in my classroom, like student relationships!

How I Use It

This is a teacher tool that saves me tons of time and gives me the ability to analyze data easily. If you ever give a multiple choice test, this app/website will help you grade quicker. You use your phone to scan printable bubble sheets. You can then analyze the data from tests. You can also print out slips that can be given back to students. I have done formative assessments, and then gave my students their grade slips that tells them which they got wrong. Then I have them make corrections so they can learn from their mistakes. The only downfall to this app is that I had to put my student's names in by a code because I didn't want to be carrying around students' personally identifiable information on my phone.