Wonderful resources of youth voices in current issues

Submitted 8 years ago
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To use Youth Radio was easy for my students, but I found the continual scrolling to be an issue. It just seemed as if the site was "busy" and there wasn't one thing to focus on. Unfortunately, that was distracting for some of my colleagues who would rather create links on a padlet and then have the children reach their goals through accessing one page.

How I Use It

Youth Radio is something I use with my elective class - Mass Media Analysis and with my American Literature classes. For Mass Media - these are articles and radio podcasts that my students accessed for their final projects and for other assignments. Further, it shows them there is a forum for their issues and for their opinion. For my American Literature classes - they were to select an issue that they feel passionate about and want to see something changed. When I introduced this site to them, many of them accessed these biased news reports for their argumentative writing. They needed valuable reliable research of someone who is experiencing something in the field of their issue. This was the perfect site to provide that.