Easy to navigate while also being engaging enough to get students excited about the writing process.

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After reviewing the free samples that the Writing A-Z website offers, it is very clear that this would be a great tool to not only get younger students excited about writing themselves but to also understand the process that goes into reading, writing, analyzing texts, and how to organize your thoughts when writing. This is all achieved without the content ever becoming too complex for young students to understand; the real world examples are especially pertinent for young students to be able to connect and relate to the curriculum, ultimately coming to a better understanding of the complexities of writing but in a fun and engaging way! Having resources available for both educators and students to learn and teach each aspect of writing all in one place is particularly efficient and makes things that much easier for educators to provide all that they need to for their students.

How I Use It

I would love to be able to use this resources as added practice after a lesson taught to the whole class about certain aspects of reading, writing, and grammar. I envision first addressing the new topic to the whole class and providing examples while allowing time for the students to ask question. Then, moving the students back to their seat to try and practice applying what they learned in the group individually. And finally, breaking them into small groups, if time allows, to share their experiences with the lesson and what they have written.

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