What in The World Do You Want to Learn? Learn it from World Geography Games

Submitted 8 years ago
Esther M.
Esther M.
Grad Student
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My Take

It is a fun and possibly addicting game and might appeal to those students that like to compete for better scores or challenge themselves to do better at each drill. I like that the game times a student for their information, but does not shut them down if they have not successfully located information. It seems like it would be good for the student that needs a slower pace to learn. This may be a great practice tool to apply what has been taught in the classroom and assist with homework. A suggestion would be to add an audio feature to recite the correct answer in addition to the pop-up, to help those who respond to audio stimuli.

How I Use It

This application reflects established learning strategies consistent with its description. That said, my review only considers educational technology integration strategies and principles because I have not used it in a classroom yet . The games seem to help students memorize facts about geography with fun drills to test memorization and provide information when a student successfully answers a question. This game covers more than the location of states and their capitals. It has sections on water ways, volcanos, the earths core and much more. These game provide some critical thinking in that they do not supply hints for locations so some general memory knowledge of where places are located help them to get less unsuccessful attempts has to be used. There are no punitive actions for unsuccessful attempts, though each time they replay the game they can compete against their last score to get a lower number. I would recommend using it in a whole class setting with groups of students to give competitive review activity prior to tests.