Not engaging enough for middle school

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

I tried to use this site with my middle school learning support students. I am not sure how the levels of the words are determined and they found most of it to be too difficult for them. I could not figure out a way to customize the word list. They also did not like that their scores could not be saved and we had to write them down. If they received a poor score and clicked on try again you may not get the same word list so you weren't really trying to improve on the same list. I would not recommend using this with students who need to be engaged in what they are doing.

How I Use It

We used it when they finished activities before the rest of the class and needed a time filler. A few of them also tried it during study hall for individual practice. To make good use of this app students need to be very self driven and have the ability to work independently.