An interactive way to practice spelling!

Submitted 9 years ago
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I use I Trace app for one of my students and I needed to find an app that students could access an alphabet to spell any words you wanted them to without being programmed ahead of time. The Word Wizard works great for differentiation for individual students and small groups.

How I Use It

I use this Word Wizard app for a few different students in my classroom. One of my students has special needs and needs fine motor adaptations for paper and pencil tasks. This app allows for this student to practice spelling with the rest of the students in a manner that meets her needs. I have also used this in small group instruction when I have enough IPADS. I like how there is the ability to use your own words to spell and also there are word lists provided on this app. I use the 1,000 most used word lists the most. I have my student with fine motor needs use this at home to practice weekly spelling lists and high frequency words.