Improve vocab, but beware of "free" hints

Submitted 10 years ago
Kim  P.
Kim P.
Media Specialist
North Fairview Elementary
Topeka KS, US
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My Take

This is a game of word association.

Words could be synonyms, antonyms, go together like a compound word, or have any type of association.

That is part of the challenge.

You must take a "wall" of words and decide what best matches.

For word game lovers, it will be an addictive game that they can't put down!

This app will help with problem solving as well as critical thinking and vocabulary building.

How I Use It

This app would be excellent to challenge advanced learners to expand their vocabulary and word usage skills.

As an individual or in a small group, students could work to find word associations, learning in way that simply feels like fun!

In a classroom, the hints feature could cause problems as the app comes with 20 free hints and then of course, you can buy more.

Kids would need to be cautioned about clicking that hints button!