Great for Vocabulary Review

Submitted 2 years ago
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My Take

I liked that students have to correctly drag each letter into the boxes to complete the exercises. There was also a conveyor belt of items, which had graphics move across for students to click on before spelling that word. I thought this was very helpful in keeping their attention because if they don't click on it in time, the object will disappear. I think it is a nice way to review general terms that students should be familiar with. However, the words don't really have anything in common, and don't directly tie into what the students are learning about. I think a way to improve this would be by having separate sections that include words for a specific topic (i.e. sports, colors, etc.). I definitely think this app helps to reinforce words that students should be using in conversation, but I think it would be better if there were levels with common topics to avoid having words like "nest" and "bike" being associated together.

How I Use It

I would use this app in the beginning of the school year. I would also have students use it on their own so that they can assess their own skills. It would be difficult to implement this into the classroom from a teacher's point of view because you're unable to track each student's progress. I think this app might work better as a recommendation for students that want extra practice, or as free time if students behave in class - I wouldn't rely on it for graded activities, and it would be difficult to incorporate the program into lesson plans.