Great spelling app! Lots of options!

Submitted 8 years ago
Colleen M.
Colleen M.
Lakeshore Elementary School
Holland MI, US
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My Take

Overall, this is a great spelling app. I liked that it gave the students more than one try so they see the correct spelling before moving on. I also liked that you could customize the level and what skills were being worked on. I would have liked if I could choose a specific vowel combination that could be practiced. For example, if we were working on ou and ow I would like students to be able to practice just those for extra practice. However, it is a great app for practicing spelling! My students enjoy using it and they have really enjoyed using it as a learning tool!

How I Use It

I have used this app as a center in my classroom during my daily 5 time. It is one of several options that students can use. I really like that the app had a lot of options for what skills will be practiced. Students can practice vowels, endings, vowel combinations, etc. I like that there is the option to choose a specific skill or you can choose random and it will practice all of the skills. The only difficulty I had was that sometimes students had difficulty hearing the word and therefore had difficulty spelling it. This was more difficult for students that are ELL because they are not familiar with how to pronounce some words.