Cool for School. Helped with Rhyming for Preschoolers.

Submitted 8 years ago
Adrienne D.
Adrienne D.
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My Take

My overall opinion about this product as a teaching tool is it is very useful. The students enjoy using it and it is a great tool to any STEAM program. I also like that it helped and is currently helping my students enhanced their love for words and their vocabulary. I also like that the website has a sound tool and will pronounce every word for the students so they can hear the syllables in the words.

How I Use It

I used this product to teach three and four year old how to rhyme. It was a great tool for the children to ask me a word help me spell it and type it in to find a word that rhymed. They enjoyed being able to type the words in for themselves and have a sense of independence. I could also use the product to teach my students how to use the dictionary and thesaurus. It will be great to help them build a love for words and reading.